TheCompensators* - Be carbon conscious – delete emissions!

Save the climate – tonne by tonne!

The idea behind TheCompensators*

TheCompensators*If you want to protect the climate you should avoid emitting climate gases such as CO2. But this is simply not enough! That is why you can delete emissions certificates from the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) through TheCompensators*.
In so doing, you will reduce the amount of CO2 which can be emitted by European industries, you will protect the environment and ensure that the development of climate-friendly technologies is accelerated.

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TheCompensators* temporarily stop the deletion of emission certificates from the EU ETS. Click here to learn why.


We want you!

TheCompensators* are looking for dedicated volunteers who would enjoy getting involved with us. Read more!

It makes a difference!

With TheCompensators* you can make a difference! That has been confirmed by the independent consulting firm Phineo. Their finding: With TheCompensators* everyone can compensate easily and support a better climate protection. Discover more!.

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Compensators* needs you vote!

Compensators* is participating in the PSD ZUKUNFTSPREIS 2019 and needs your support! Please vote online for us every day from September 3rd to September 24th. Voting is free of charge and does not require any personal data. We hope to secure a part of the finances needed for the relaunch of our project. With the […]

What about Compensators*?

Since November 2017 we stopped the intake of donation due to uncertainties in the European legislation on the reform of the European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS). Meanwhile, the reform is finalized and partly already implemented. We have adapted and are able to be your civil society access to the EU ETS again! We are […]


Wie kann ich mein Alltagsleben möglichst klimafreundlich gestalten? Und durch welche ganz konkreten Veränderungen lässt sich der eigene CO2-Fußabdruck am effektivsten verringern? Diese Fragen will das Forschungsprojekt „Klimaneutral Leben in Berlin (KLiB)“ beantworten – und sucht dafür gemeinsam mit TheCompensators* e.V. interessierte Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer für ein Jahr „KLiB-Reallabor“ in der Hauptstadt. Ziel des wissenschaftlichen […]

We temporarily stop deleting emission certificates!

EU member states and the European Parliament are planing to reform the European Emission Trading Scheme. While no final decisions have been made, some of the proposed changes imply that deleting pollution allowances will not reduce the cap for damaging carbon emissions anymore. As a consequence, we are temporarily stopping the deletion of emission certificates […]