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Compensators e.V. was founded in 2006 by scientists of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) as a charitable non-profit organization with the purpose of reducing surplus carbon emission allowances from the European Emissions Trading Scheme. Since then, we have been offering individuals, companies, and NGOs an efficient and transparent way  to offset their carbon footprint and have been providing education and awareness on emissions trading as the primary climate protection instrument in Europe.

ur Team
Hendrik Schuldt

Hendrik has been a member of Compensators since 2017 and has been on the board of directors since 2019. He studied environmental sciences and economics in Germany, Austria, and Colombia and subsequently worked in development cooperation. Hendrik is now a research associate at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and is working on his dissertation on financial markets and climate change.

David Hugo

David studied economics and philosophy and has been intensively involved with emissions trading through his master's thesis. During this time he also came across Compensators and became a member in 2015. Although he had no professional involvement with the ETS after that, he has remained active in climate protection at Compensators since 2015.

Ruwen Wieman

Ruwen is an independent data scientist in the music industry. Together with friends, he is also renovating an old house in Berlin as a community for living, art, culture, and green projects of all kinds.

David List


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Compensators is entirely run by volunteers. We finance all administrative expenses exclusively through membership fees and donations. Therefore we are dependent on committed members who continuously support our work. Become a member and help our fight for a climate-neutral Europe! Membership fees can be freely chosen and are tax-deductible in Germany.

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Do you feel like getting actively involved in the work of our organization? Great! You are welcome to join our regular meetings and video conferences! Please send us a message to info@compensators.org.

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