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Transparency is our greatest concern
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ransparency is our greatest concern

The success of our work depends on the trust of our members, donors, and supporters in our integrity. Transparency is an important component in gaining and maintaining this trust, which is why we provide open access to all documents regarding our organization and its activities.

he Compensators method

Anyone who wants to protect the climate must reduce his own footprint. But it is not enough! What are the goals of Compensators? How exactly does carbon reduction through Compensators work? What are our core activities? You will find answers to these and other questions in our methods paper. (German, translation will come sonn)

nnual reports

What has Compensators done to make the European Emissions Trading Scheme better known and to improve its method? What did we achieve last year? And what still needs to be done? How has the organization developed in recent years? You can read our annual reports here.

>> older annual reports

inancial reports

The responsible and purposeful management of our donors' contributions is a top priority for the Compensators team. We feel obliged to provide comprehensive reports on the revenues and expenses of the organization. All revenue is used exclusively for the purposes listed in the statutes. Our ongoing expenses include the purchase of emission allowances, the transaction costs of these purchases, the costs for web hosting, and other IT services or bank fees. You can read about the details in our financial reports.

>> older financial reports

ur organization

Why Compensators? How do we work? What are our membership fees and what are the rights and obligations of each member? Our statutes regulate these matters and thus lay the foundation for the activities of Compensators. You can read in our privacy policy what personal data we collect and how we handle it.

ur commitment

To ensure that emission allowances once purchased by Compensators are not sold again, the general assembly of Compensators has made a voluntary commitment.

he proof!

According to the method used by Compensators, our account in the Union registry must hold more emission allowances than the amount of CO2 emissions we have compensated. A current account statement from the Union registry shows that the Compensators account balance is greater than the CarbonCounter.

xemption certificate

Our activities do not only serve ourselves but society as a whole. This view is also shared by the German tax office. Therefore, donations to Compensators are tax-deductible in Germany. You can find our current tax exemption certificate here (German). For donations from outside Germany, please contact your local tax office to find out if your donations are deductible or not.

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