The smart way to offset your footprint. Together we force European industries to reduce their CO₂ emissions.


tons CO2 taken off the market

about 27 minutes ago Thomas Bär took 2,00 tons off the market
about 11 hours ago Anonym gifted 1,20 tons to someone 🎁
about 2 days ago Finanzmakler Maximilian Fuchs (Einzelunternehmen) gifted 1,00 tons to someone 🎁
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How it works:

The problem:

The EU issues nearly two billion emission allowances to companies each year. Each allowance entitles the holder to emit one ton of CO2. However, the number of these allowances is far too high and their price far too low to encourage the use of low-emission technologies. If this continues, we Europeans will never reach our climate targets!

Our method:

Together we buy CO2 emission allowances, making them unavailable to the major European polluters, thus forcing a reduction of emissions within Europe. Each emission permit held by Compensators* means one ton of CO2 less in the atmosphere! The scarcity of emission allowances leads to price increases, which in turn make low-emission technologies more competitive.

Your contribution:

We can only withdraw large quantities of CO2 allowances from circulation if we work together. Compensate your footprint, become a Compensators* member, donate to us, or talk about us! We are 100% run by volunteers and turn your donation into a political statement! In the end, politicians will have to massively reduce the number of emission allowances issued annually. That is what we are all working for, and we are happy to have you with us.


Compensators* takes part in The Climate Bet

21 September 2020

The organization “3 fürs Klima” pledges to convince one million people to participate in saving a total of one million tons of CO2 until the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.  Together with Compensators*, […]

Compensators* is back!

14 September 2020

In November 2017, we announced to halt donations. During this time, the European Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission negotiated a reform of the European Emission Trading Scheme for the fourth trading period […]

Professor Perino controls Compensators*

28 July 2020

Compensators* keeps the CO2-certificates acquired through your donation in its account with the Union Registry. We have implemented three security mechanisms to ensure certificates, once withdrawn, cannot return into certificate market circulation. Firstly, the general […]