Annual report 2020

We are currently witnessing groundbreaking decisions: The EU has tightened its climate targets and the German Constitutional Court is ordering the German government to make improvements to the Climate Protection Act. There is no doubt that these decisions will have a significant impact on the dynamics of the European Emissions Trading Scheme. As always, the future is being traded on the markets, and with the announcement of the new EU climate targets, an upward price trend began that is currently peaking at prices around 50 euros per ton of CO2.

Together, we look back on a successful year for Compensators. In September 2020, we relaunched the revised website. To all interested parties, we offer the fresh Compensators method for offsetting emissions in Europe. This will do our part to bring even higher prices for climate gas emissions in Europe! But that is not all. We are working on new projects in the areas of education and campaigning to have an even more sustainable impact on European climate policy in the future.

Are you curious? You can read the details in our annual report 2020. If you want to know exactly how Compensators spends money, take a look at our Financial Report 2020. We would like to thank our community for their continuous support and constructive feedback. You are great!

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