Compensators partners with 3FK

3 fürs Klima e.V. (3FK) is a charitable organization attempting to encourage as many people as possible to a) reduce their own carbon footprint, b) to compensate the remaining footprint, and c) to increase their carbon handprint. According to 3FK, the carbon handprint is the mirror image of the footprint: Whereas the latter describes a person’s CO2 emissions (e.g. through energy use, transportation or diet), the former depicts the emission savings by others, initiated by a person’s social commitment – both on a small or large scale. The handprint can be increased, for instance, by talking to friends and acquaintances, through commitment in the workplace, schools, and clubs, or even by engaging on various levels of politics. Through the combination of reducing and compensating the carbon footprint as well as increasing the carbon handprint, 3FK makes an important contribution to climate protection while putting pressure on politicians to agree on stricter climate change mitigation measures. The more people implement this triad in their everyday life, the more powerful the message of 3FK towards economic and political actors as well as our society. 

Hendrik Schuldt, co-founder of 3FK, is a board member of Compensators which has been one of 3FK’s compensation suppliers since its foundation in February 2020. Together with other compensation providers partnering with 3FK, we want to demonstrate that our society is already able to reduce CO2 emissions on a much larger scale than to date, and that each and every one of us can contribute! 

By the way: Together with 3FK we challenge one million people to save at least one ton of CO2 until the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. We want to show the delegations of the Conference that ambitious climate protection measures will receive broad support among many citizens. The “Klimawette” (climate bet) starts on September 16, 2020 and Compensators will take part in the opening ceremony in Berlin. Click here for all details. 

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