Die smarte Methode Deinen Fußabdruck zu reduzieren. Gemeinsam kaufen wir der europäischen Industrie CO₂ weg.


Tonnen CO2 stillgelegt

vor ca. 9 Stunden hat Ulrike Schuldt 4,00 Tonnen stillgelegt
"Jeder Tropfen kühlt den heißen Stein!"
vor ca. 10 Stunden hat Lisa Winter 10,00 Tonnen stillgelegt
vor ca. 2 Tagen hat Ulrike Berghald 28,00 Tonnen stillgelegt
"Zweck: direkte Kompensation des verbleibenden Fußabdrucks der Familie Knoll / Berghald"
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How it works:

The Problem:

The EU issues almost two billion tons of CO2 pollution certificates to companies every year. However, the number of these certificates is far too high and the price is far too low. This is how we Europeans never achieve our climate goals. We are demanding a radical shortage of certificates by the European Union.

Our Method:

Together we buy the European CO2 emissions certificates from the market and thereby directly reduce emissions in Europe. In addition, this should ideally increase the price per tonne, forcing companies to innovate in green technologies. Each ton compensated is one ton less.


Only together can we pull a large amount of CO2 certificates out of circulation. Compensate for your vacation, become a club member, get a gift certificate, Spread The Word. 100% of your support goes directly to the purchase of certificates. The purchase of a certificate is also a political statement, because ultimately politicians have to massively correct the number of certificates issued annually. We are committed to this and would be happy if you were there.

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